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Shut Up Mommy's Talking

May 17, 2022

It’s Dad of the Month and we have the witty Ben Rosenfeld with us! Ben talks about raising his 4-year-old daughter with his wife, who is also a comic. Born in Russia, he shares his perspective on the war in Ukraine. (Spoiler: He reminds us that all wars are bad, and this is no different.) He also talks about how he...

May 12, 2022

Former actor, model, and 90s sidekick of Kyle’s: Danielle Wynn! She talks about leaving NYC and giving up acting for her son (Hello world’s best mom!). She shares her worst audition moment and how she got into the jewelry biz after having her son. Karen has a subway story that you won’t want to miss, and the Worst...

May 3, 2022

Comedian Karen Krents joins us to talk about raising two daughters and surrendering to allow a belly button piercing. She talks about relocating after living on a farm where she cleaned up chicken poop in a bikini. Our Karen shares a bigoted Worst Mom of the Week, and Kyle’s closing headline echoes a similar vibe.

Apr 26, 2022

Kyle and Karen vent on current events including Amber Heard pooping in Johnny Depp’s bed. Karen had a great set fueled by her anger at a demeaning introduction by a comedy club emcee. Kyle ends on a story about a woman falling into a toilet to get her phone.

Apr 19, 2022

Former Kennedy nanny, teacher, and comedian Tilly the Comic joins us from Idaho! A true comedy hustler, she produces shows all over Boise and brings a liberal perspective to a conservative state with the belief that we can all laugh no matter our views. She shares what it’s like raising her 11 year old son in a state...