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Shut Up Mommy's Talking

Jul 27, 2021

Kyle and Karen catch up on their summer plans with the kids. Karen thinks she should try weed now that it's legal, but she’s afraid that she’ll get paranoid. Kyle recalls the time she got so high that she called a prayer hotline. The ladies dole out some advice but disclose that they’re not experts, so maybe don't...

Jul 20, 2021

Kyle and Karen talk to comedy legend Laurie Kilmartin about life after Conan, having a quaranTEEN, and Laurie’s genius way of avoiding trolls on Twitter.

Jul 13, 2021

Our Dad of the Month series continues with hilarious comic, retired cop, and former breakdancer (he’ll kill us for writing this but who cares?) Mark DeMayo, who weighs in on Karen's experience with an anti-masker who caused her flight to get cancelled. He talks about raising kids while being a cop and moonlighting as...

Jul 6, 2021

Author, actor, and mom of 5 Jeannie Gaffigan joins the ladies to uncover a mystery that was solved with a look at the home security camera. The moms talk about raising teens and accepting help from others. As laid back as Jeannie is, she shared her Karen moment that makes our Karen want to change her name (again).