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Shut Up Mommy's Talking

Jul 20, 2024

Kyle is out of town, so it's just Karen and her extraordinary guest, Julia Scotti.

Thanks to America's Got Talent and a beautiful documentary, many of our listeners may be familiar with this A-list trans comedian.

Karen has a million questions about her experience, and Julia is generous in her answers. Please forward...

Jul 10, 2024

Carla delights Karen and Kyle with a zillion stories about working with stars. Yes, she was just in this mega Ariana video, but she also did serious theater with Kelly McGillis.

Kelly, if you are listening, Carla wants to reconnect. Her kids have been working since they were infants, and Carla sounds like the perfect...

Jul 2, 2024

As Joe gears up for the launch of his newest YouTube Special, the crew waxes nostalgic about 80s TV shows. 
Karen goes into detail about her brush with Eve Plumb, setting off an intense Brady Bunch discussion. 
Joe apparently is the worst parent of the week.  The show wraps with Joe's Tom Cruise story--...

Jun 25, 2024

Karen and Kyle chat with superstar Brian Kiley as he gears up for his Middle Eastern tour.

We start the episode like grown-ups, discussing Brian’s origin story and the proper pronunciation of Qatar. However, things quickly go off the rails as soon as we touch on cannibalism.

But the discussion about the nude beach...

Jun 18, 2024

Kyle chimes in from a decaying hotel room and is being stalked by a fan, but nothing will dampen her spirits because BFF Carmen Lynch is this week's guest. 
The gals reminisce about the good old days when you could get a man by just following The Rules. Now, everything is different. The worst mom of the week is local...